As one of the best classical superheroes of all time, Batman is known as your patriot of justice in Gotham City. Having two personas, he lives as a wealthy businessman by day and a mysterious crime-fighting hero by night. As part of his mysterious character, this masked hero bears the bat on his chest as mark of pride and carries around a fully equipped unity belt when doing justice. As a fan of Batman, this article brings you examples of the best Batman statues you can have as personal collectables of Gotham City. So below are the three top Batman toys that are a must-have.

1. “The Black and White Batman”

DC Collectibles Batman: Black & White by Brian Boland Second Edition is a must have figurine. This is a limited edition as the sculpture features the classic Batman stance with a flying cape. This is an actual logo-type model and comes only in black and white. Having such dark colors also makes it ideal to tone down other colorful figures you may have on display. It stands at 7.7 cm in height and 5 cm in width. This is a great figure to add to your Batman statue collection and if you don’t have one, this would be a perfect item to start with.

DC-Collectibles-Batman- Black-White

2. “The Interchangeable Batman”

Still true to the figurine nature, Kotobukiya’s Batman Arkham City: Batman ArtFX and Statue is a must have as it is a new model toy inspired by the hit video game, Batman Arkham City. It holds a height of 6.3 cm and is therefore greay to put into small self-compartments for display. It comes inclusive of the colors black, white, gold and grey with distinct personal effects such as Batman’s unity belt and a batrang in figure’s hand. What makes this Batman statue one of kind is the interchangeable accessories. The figurine comes crouched, going down a set of stairs, appearing ready for action. You could play around with the effects to suit the big stance the piece holds.


3. “The Intimidating Batman”

The Kotobukiya Company does it again, producing a collectible-worthy Batman statue. The Batman ArtFX (Black Costume Version) makes the cut as it’s one of the most original and most popular DC Comic ArtFX statues claimed by enthusiasts. The figure also comes in color and only has the Batman unity belt as an accessory. The main feature is the stance, whereby Batman is in a dramatic pause carrying strained eyes. His battle-battered cape is strongly swirling behind him completing the intimidating effect. Moreover, it will look great on all display shelves as it comes in the black costume version. This makes it more appealing to the eye. For the greatest selection visit website.


The Batman Legacy

Batman was an original character created by Detective Comics in 1938. His story line is said to be more realistic because he was not born with superpowers. He is a genius who cultivated his own skills and gadgets over the years. This aspect became very relatable to readers and thus gained him a popular fan base. The comic hero was then introduced to the film industry in the year 1966 and hence gave birth to the high- grossing film sequel that has had fans waiting in anxious suspense. Set in the fictional Gotham City, the story also includes other fictional supporting characters such as the famed Joker who make the whole Batman experience remarkable.