The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an iconic handset with a host of countless functions and features. The amazing applications attract heavy usage which may result in battery drain. Nothing is more frustrating than a dead phone battery at a critical moment. This where the Samsung Galaxy S5 extended battery comes in handy. It prolongs your phone’s battery life beyond the time span of the original battery. Extended batteries offer numerous benefits. They provide additional charge ensuring that your phone never goes off unexpectedly. They guarantee additional protection and compatibility. They also offer a great replacement option in case the original battery malfunctions.

1. Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery Door:

The Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 with Battery Door is innovative and revolutionary. It doubles your phone’s battery life as it lasts 2.1 times as long as the original battery. It has an extended cover which offers a wireless charging functionality to your handset. You therefore do not have to plug your phone. It guarantees extra protection against vertical water sprays ensuring that your phone is safe from water hazards. One of the cons is that the battery lacks a bumper making it a bit cumbersome to hold. It is also a bit bulky due to the extended cover.

2. Anker® 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo for Samsung Galaxy S5:

The Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo is the ultimate extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The battery triples your phone’s battery life offering up to 27 hours of internet and 56 hours of 3G talk time. Its sturdy TPU cover offers additional protection to your phone. Its high quality premium cells protect your phone from short circuiting. To cap it all, Anker offers an 18-month warranty for the battery. The battery has its fair share of cons. The first is that it is almost triple the size of the original battery therefore it is a bit heavy. The other is that the case does not fit properly around the phone.

3. Galaxy S5 Battery Case – UNU Unity 2800mAh Portable Charger:

The Galaxy S5 Battery Case – UNU Unity 2800mAh Portable Charger is a priceless bargain. It has an ultra-slim rechargeable battery case which provides an additional 10 hours of talk time power. The case is fully customized to offer your device protection from bumps, smudges, finger prints and scratches. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to color range as it comes in multiple vibrant colors such as black, silver, blue and magenta. It has a battery capacity detection integration feature. When using it, you can see the power levels on the phone screen. One of the major downsides of the battery is that the Galaxy S5 is not water resistant when equipped with the battery.


The extended batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S5 all have their pros and cons. If you want the longest battery life extension, then you should go for the Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo as it triples the battery life. If wireless charging is what you are looking for then the most ideal extended battery for you is the Mugen Power 5900mAh Extended Battery. If you want seamless integration of the manufacturer’s battery with the extended battery, then the perfect battery for you is the UNU Unity 2800mAh Portable Charger. All in all extended batteries are life savers for heavy phone users. Always opt for the brand that best suits your needs without compromising your device.